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Clifton Day 2016

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Jake Werthmann in Fairfax Station and Clifton-based Boy Scout Troop 1104 sells peppermint-lemon treats, a Clifton Day staple for the last three decades.


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kabirakonda35 1 week, 6 days ago

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The Carolina Panthers will open the 2018 season with a home matchup with the Dallas Cowboys. The Panthers will take on opponents in the NFC East and the AFC North divisions along with the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks and familiar NFC South foes. In all, Carolina faces six teams that made the playoffs in 2017. The Panthers have two primetime watch Cowboys vs Panthers games, first in Week 10 at Pittsburgh and again in Week 15 at home vs New Orleans. The Panthers will have the bye in Week 4, the earliest possible week for the bye.


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