Battle of the Unbeatens

Battle of the Unbeatens

South Lakes carries on at 8-0

The South Lakes Seahawks and Madison Warhawks faced off on Friday, Oct. 20 for a battle of unbeatens. South Lakes was averaging 50 points a game and Madison averaging 30. But Friday night would be far lower scoring.

In the 1st quarter Dillon Benyo kicked a 25 yard field goal with 2:15 to play to give South Lakes a 3-0 advantage.

In the 2nd quarter Madison would take the lead 7-3 with 5:29 to play before halftime when Dominic Knicely ran in from 35 yards. 

South Lakes' Isaac Copeland would capitalize with 8:12 to play in the 3rd quarter to give the Seahawks a 9-7 advantage after a missed extra point. 

Later in the 4th, Dillon Benyo would kick his second field goal from about 25 yards out to give South Lakes a 12-7 advantage. But Madison would threaten late and a 4th-down-and-10 pass in the end zone with 1:40 to play fell incomplete. South Lakes would run out the clock to close the game at 12-7.

Madison (7-1) (2-1) will host Oakton on 10-27, and South Lakes (8-0) (3-0) will play at Centreville

Photos by Will Palenscar

The Madison Warhawks and South Lakes Seahawks gather at midfield for the coin toss.

Caleb Smith #4 blocks a field goal attempt by South Lakes kicker Dillon Benyo

Liden Krush #7 is in motion before the Madison QB takes the snap.

Madison QB Cael Yates #12 pitches the ball to brother Cord Yates #5

Cael Yates looks down the field for a Madison receiver

Dominic Knicely #1 is in motion before Madison #12 QB Cael Yates calls for snap.

South Lakes wide receiver James Zschunke #3 is ready for reverse from teammate Isaac Copeland #22

Cord Yates #5 extends out and catches a pass with a defender from South Lakes close by

South Lakes QB Nick Harris #2 looks down the field for a Seahawk receiver

Dominic Knicely #1 runs with ball while trying to fight off South Lakes Jack Schnabel.

South Lakes QB Nick Harris is pressured by Madison's Caden Green #99

South Lakes QB Nick Harris surveys the field

Nick Harris has eyes set on South Lakes receiver

Isaac Copeland is wrapped up by Madison's Luke Slvosa

Cord Yates #5 looks to see a sea of Seahawks converging.

Dominic Knicely sprints down the field for Madison

Darren Knicely #11 tries to stay in bounds

Dillon Benyo kicks off after a South Lakes touchdown

Cord Yates #5 uses help of Warhawks offensive line

Isaac Copeland #22 runs with the ball while Madison defensive back TJ George attempts to tackle him.

Darren Knicely #11 looks to set block for his brother Dominic #1

Madison QB Cael Yates has a step on South Lakes #15 Misha Zarechnak

South Lakes WR Brian Kennedy #5 elevates for a Seahawks catch

Ari Rosenberg #50 surveys the South Lakes defense prior to snapping ball