Westfield Pyramid Art Show Highlights Students’ Work

Westfield Pyramid Art Show Highlights Students’ Work

Photos By Bonnie Hobbs/The Connection

Angelina Gehrke, 8th grade, Stone Middle, holds her ceramic starfish. 

Blake Tinsley, 4th grade, Deer Park Elementary.

Fiani Gaitan, 2nd grade, London Towne Elementary.

Westfield High senior Zoe Brennan poses with her colorful artwork.

Lela Melick, kindergarten, Virginia Run Elementary.

Westfield senior James Torres with his bright display. 

Westfield junior Gene Evans does realistic artwork.

Ben Math, 6th grade, Deer Park Elementary.

Ana DeMicoli, 4th grade, Cub Run Elementary. (Standing beneath her entry).

Westfield High senior Ellie Bibb with her sculped and painted marine animals.

Shravya Rao, 1st grade, Coates Elementary. (Vase of flowers).

Aditya Tirukkovalur, 4th grade, McNair Elementary.