Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Disappointed By Response

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Disappointed By Response

We all know that Trumpcare, while currently off the Congressional agenda, will probably spring to life once again. That’s why I was troubled when I saw Del. Jim LeMunyon’s response when asked his position on Trumpcare during the recent debate to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act.

At the time, Del. LeMunyon stated he didn’t have a position and didn’t plan to spend much time on the details — the details of legislation that would have a profound effect on all Virginians.

As a retired health care executive, I have personally seen how the costs of care can ruin families. Medical expenses are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy filings. Going back to a system where insurance

companies can make more money by denying care for “pre-existing conditions” such as birth defects in a newborn is simply wrong.

That’s why I think it’s alarming that an elected official at any level wouldn’t have a position on a bill dealing with health care. It is even more alarming locally when you consider that several versions of the bills that were considered would have caused more than 400,000 Virginians to lose health insurance in 2018 alone.

This threat is not going away. Given Mr. LeMunyon himself voted to block expanding Medicaid, I want to know what his plan is for helping Virginians obtain coverage if Congress does repeal the ACA and strip access to affordable health care for hundreds of thousands.

As delegate, it is Mr. LeMunyon’s job to review the details of issues that will affect his constituents, and with the current chaos in Washington, we must look to our local officials to stand up and fight for the people of Virginia. I’m afraid Jim LeMunyon has failed to do that.

Phil Beauchene