Opinion: Letter to the Editor and Poem: Remember Those Serving

Opinion: Letter to the Editor and Poem: Remember Those Serving

Holidays, festivals, and celebrations are times to be spent with family. Seldom do people serving in the Armed Forces get time off for this basic need. These extraordinary men and women sacrifice their family life and all the simple pleasures just so we can be safe. No matter the country or where they are serving, the lives of soldiers are all the same. Their families share the same fears, anxiety, sorrow, and pride. The sacrifice of these brave soldiers and their families can never be repaid. The least we can do is pray for their safe return.

— Anita R. Mohan, Chantilly

An Army Child's Wish

My family is like any other

Dad, mom, brother, sister

Grandma, grandpa, uncles,

aunts, cousins, friends.

We gather together, celebrate

holidays, anniversary, birthdays

Pray, eat, play, have fun

But dad is always missing

Mom gives our presents

She keeps dad's aside

drying her silent tears

I really wish dad could

join in every celebration

But he is away serving

protecting, sacrificing,

keeping our country safe

During this holiday season

please say a little prayer

for my dad and for all other

dads and moms who

wish they could be with

their loved ones and families

but could not, as duty calls

and pray for their safe return.

Copyright © Anita R Mohan