About The 2019 Children’s & Teens’ Chantilly Connection

About The 2019 Children’s & Teens’ Chantilly Connection

Dear Readers:

This week, the Chantilly Connection turns over its pages to the youth and students.

We asked children and teens from the area to contribute their words, pictures and photos for our annual Children’s & Teens’ Issue.

While we were unable to publish every piece we received, we did our best to put together a paper with a sampling of the submitted stories, poems, drawings, paintings, photographs and other works of art.

We appreciate the extra effort made by school staff to gather the materials during their busy time leading up to the holidays. We'd also like to encourage both schools and parents to mark their 2020 calendars for early December, the deadline for submissions for next year's Children's & Teens’ Connection. Please keep us in mind as your children continue to create spectacular works of art and inspiring pieces of writing in the coming year.

This student issue is only a part of our year-round commitment to cover education and our local schools. As always, the Connection welcomes letters to the editor, story ideas, calendar listings and notices of local events from our readers. Photos and other submissions about special events at schools are especially welcome for our weekly news pages.

Our next print edition will come out on Jan. 8, 2020. Happy New Year!

Reach us at editors@connectionnewspapers.com.

—Mary Kimm

Editor and Publisher